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Dealers Network
Sr State Company Name Contact Name Mobile Email
1 Gujarat Gunanit Enterprise Anil Gandhi 09426412736
2 Maharashtra Extreme Solutions Mahesh Pene 09860088775
3 West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa Maklax Enterprise Jayantalal Das 8820115335/ 9804366639
3 Rajasthan The Scientific Suppliers C. M. Kothari 09829025566
4 Chhattisgarh Global Technology Vijay Bhatia 09826122000
5 Delhi Mars Communications N. K. Singh 09891482399
6 Delhi Mannu Enterprise Mannu Wadhvani 09312655331
7 M.P. Satya Enterprises K. C. Jaiswal 09425028673
8 Kerala Scientific Enterprise Mr. Narayan 09847035894


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